Our Services

We are a fully accredited national skills-based training service provider with the relevant accreditation bodies,


The services offered are :

  • Training/HR Solutions
  • Development of SHE Files
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • SHE Plans
  • SHE Specifications
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Incident Investigations
  • Development of SHE/Toolbox Talks
  • OHS Audits
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Development of Safety Work Procedures


Furthermore, should your organization have a requirement forAi??any other form of Training, Skills Development or Learnership which is not included in our portfolio, we will gladly develop such material and obtain the what does leadership mean to you essay necessary accreditation and resources to provide such to you.




Our occupational Health Services include the following:


  1. Health risk assessments
  2. Medical surveillance programs
  3. Job Specific Medicals:
    • Pre-medical
    • Annual
    • Periodical
    • Exit
  4. Absenteeism management
  5. Assisting in Legal and Corporate Governance requirements
  6. HIV Strategy
  7. Injury on duty management
  8. First Aid and Emergency preparedness
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  10. Fitness to work assessments
  11. Primary Health Care



  1. Physical examinations
  2. Audiometric testing
  3. Spirometry (measuring lung functions) examinations
  4. Visual Assessments
  5. X-Rays
  6. The following tests can be performed



  • Lifestyle risks of screened participants
  • Clinical risks of employees
  • Mental health perceptions
  • HIV Counseling and testing
  • Resource utilization
  • Eye screening ( on special request)
  • Dental screening ( on special request)
  • Comprehensive Report Writing


Simply Top Training Solutions envisages that either a mobile or a permanent Occupational Health Centre will be set up at the premises of the client, depending on the agreement entered into with the client.